19.The Committee reiterates its previous recommendation (CEDAW/C/JPN/CO/6, para. 28) and calls upon the State party to consider using temporary special measures, such as statutory quotas, in accordance with article 4 (1) of the Convention and the Committee’s General Recommendation No. 25(2004) on temporary special measures, as a necessary strategy to accelerate the achievement of substantive equality of women and men, in particular to enhance the rights of ethnic and other minority and indigenous women, and women with disabilities,in all areas of the Convention.Stereotypes and harmful practices


Stereotypes and harmful practices
20.The Committee remains concerned at the persistence of patriarchal attitudes and deep-rooted stereotypes regarding the roles and responsibilities of women and men in the family and in society.
The Committee is particularly concerned that:


(a)The persistence of these stereotypes continues to be reflected in the media and educational textbooks and has an impact on educational choices and the sharing of family and domestic responsibilities between women and men;
(b)The media often depicts women and girls in a stereotyped manner including as sex-objects;
(c)Stereotypes continue to be the root causes of sexual violence against women
and that pornography, video games and animation such as manga promote sexual
violence against women and girls;and
(d)Sexist speech continues to be directed against women,ethnic and other minority women such as the Ainu, Buraku and Zainichi Korean women and migrant women.

  • (a)これらの固定的観念への固執がメディアや教科書に反映され、教育上の選択肢や男女間の家族や地域における責任の共有に影響を及ぼし続けている。
  • (b)メディアはしばしば、女性や少女を性的客体化を含む固定観念に染まった方法で描いている。
  • (c)固定観念は女性に対する性暴力の根本原因であり続け、ビデオゲームやアニメーションといったポルノグラフィは女性や少女に対する性暴力を促進し続けている。
  • (d)アイヌや部落、在日コリアンや移民といった少数民族やマイノリティの女性に向けた性差別的な発言が続いている。

21.The Committee reiterates its previousrecommendation (CEDAW/C/JPN/CO/6, para. 30) and urges the State party to:

21.委員会は以前の勧告(CEDAW/C/JPN/CO/6,para.30) を繰り返し、以下の点を締約国に要請します。

(a)Intensify its efforts to change social norms that reinforce traditional roles of women and men and to promote positive cultural traditions that promote the human rights of women and girls;
(b)Effectively implement existing legal measures and monitoring programmes in order to regulate the production and distribution of pornographic material, video games and animation that exacerbate discriminatory gender stereotypes and reinforce sexual violence against women and girls;
(c)Review educational textbooks and materials to eliminate discriminatory
gender stereotypes;
(d)Adopt legislation to prohibit and sanction sexist speech and propaganda advocating racial superiority or hatred, including attacks on ethnic and other minority women such as the Ainu, Buraku and Zainichi Korean women as well as migrant women; and
(e)Regularly monitor and assess the impact, through an independent expert body, of measures taken to eliminate discriminatory gender stereotypes and prejudices against Ainu, Buraku, Zainichi Korean women and migrant women.

  • (a)男女の伝統的な役割を強化する社会的規範を変更し、女性と少女の人権を促進する文化的伝統を促進する努力を強化する
  • (b)差別的なジェンダーステレオタイプを悪化させ女性や少女に対する性暴力を強化するビデオゲームやアニメーションといったポルノグラフィの製造や頒布を規制するため、既存の法的措置と監視プログラムを効果的に執行する
  • (c)差別的なジェンダーステレオタイプを排除するために教科書などを見直す
  • (d)アイヌ、部落、在日コリアンといった少数民族や少数者や移民に対する攻撃を含め、人種的優越または憎悪を称揚する性差別的な言論やプロパガンダを禁止し制裁措置を取る法律を制定する
  • (e)アイヌ、部落、在日コリアンや移民に対するジェンダーステレオタイプや偏見を排除するための手段について、独立した専門家を通じて、定期的に監督し査定する